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  • How is the pizza tub made?
    The pizza tub is made by hand in our Commercial Kitchen using only fresh ingredients
  • How many pizza tubs come in a box?
    Each order you are getting a total of 4 Pizza Tubs
  • I am so confused. Can you please advise how in the world I am going to get the pizza I ordered?
    Very good question...We will be packing and sending your frozen order to you from our shipping department.
  • When will I receive my pizza?
    Since we offer Priority shipping you will receive your order within 2 business days.
  • How will my pizza remain cold during shipping?
    Your pizza will be shipped to you with Food Grade Dry Ice to keep it cold (Please do not handle the dry ice with your bare hands, we do not want you to get burned.)
  • Are you hiring?
    Currently, we are not hiring but will be looking for candidates once we start to grow!
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